$2395 + Air
Our prices are based on two people sharing a room.
If you wish to have a single room the additional cost called a "supplement", is $20 per night.
We can arrange for you to share a room with someone of the same gender if you wish.

All hotels (based on 2 people sharing a room or 1 person with Supplement)
All breakfasts, half of your dinners at the tour guides discretion. (You buy all your own drinks)
All ground transportation
Your admission to Angkor Wat and other museums and group activities we do together. (Those you choose to do on your own outside the tour are at your own cost.) Your guide fees (Michael, Lisa and all local guide fees and tips)

Michael and Lisa Bade will provide advice on booking your airfare.
Airfares change but if you book early we are finding airfares from as low as $860 RT to $1600 RT depending on the airlines and travel itinerary.

You are welcome to add on other travel to New Zealand, Thailand, Indonesia, Nepal or any other countries but that is of course your own responsibility. We are happy to advise you on those options.

Fine print: You are responsible for the cost of your drinks and free-time sightseeing. See our Tour Conditions Agreement for important details regarding everything listed above